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Azure BLOB Storage Part 1: Introduction

Microsoft Azure has a service called Azure BLOB Storage, which is one of the components of the Azure Storage features of the platform.  The other services in Azure Storage being Queues, Tables, and Files (file shares, in Preview at the time of this writing). BLOB stands for “binary large object” – BLOBs are basically files

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Mostly Cloudy–August 21st 2014

The world of cloud computing moves pretty fast, very fast actually, and the Azure platform is no exception.  It seems like every other month a brand new preview feature is being announced.  The teams iterate incredibly quickly and new features are emerging constantly.  To this end Just Azure will be posting regularly to this “Mostly

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Automating Integration Testing with Microsoft Azure

We recently did a lot of work to improve blob transfers rates in Azure Explorer and Azure Management Studio. The majority of this improvement work was carried out on a library shared by both tools and resulted in improving the library’s integration testing. In the past these tests had only been run manually during development

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